Statistics show the average household can save up to $10,000 a year by using coupons, but most Americans aren’t aware of these potential savings. Less than one hour a week spent clipping coupons can cut your grocery bill in half. And many coupons can now be clicked online, as opposed to clipped. There are options for everyone.

The biggest long-term benefit of using coupons is the savings. Over time, the extra time spent looking for a coupon code can add up. There can also be an emotional benefit of using coupons, including satisfaction, happiness, intelligence, responsibility, and accomplishment.

Some emotional benefits of using coupons:

  • It made one in five consumers feel victorious (22%).
  • Females who use coupons are 20% more likely to get emotional satisfaction than males (69% vs. 57%).
  • Nearly 50% of consumers feel responsible when they use coupons.

There are a variety of resources available to help consumers save. COUPON ADVENTURE has print and online coupons available monthly.

Studies show people are more receptive to direct mail marketing. The majority of buyers prefer direct mail over emails due to having something physical in their hands rather than something they see on a computer screen.

Consumers are more likely to read an entire letter delivered by mail rather than one delivered by email. Direct mail campaigns can be more detailed than those delivered by email. Since more and more companies are trying emails, fewer pieces of mail mean a higher chance that your direct mail piece will be read.

But it can be expensive if you don’t target the right audience properly, and use a great mailing house that will save you time and money. Direct mail requires more time, which means that responses won’t be immediate. Which is why you need to go with a reputable direct mail marketing company like Coupon ADventure. Call us at 818-988-SAVE and find out more.

Direct mail remains one of the largest advertising channels with US businesses. Direct mail spending rose 2.9% from 2010 through 2011. Businesses spent more than $21 billion on direct mail (12% of all advertising money).

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Top Ten Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail marketing campaigns today are often replaced with online ads and other technology-based solutions. But direct mail marketing is still one of the most effective forms of advertising giving you an easy and cost-effective way to maximize your advertising efforts.

1. Direct mail marketing is highly targeted.

Your direct mail marketing can be tailored for a specific audience so customers receive only the information that meets their needs.

2. Direct mail can be personalized.

In addition to getting relevant information to your customers, direct mail marketing can be personalized, making it more likely that customers will get your message and follow through with a purchase.

3. Mail is tangible.

Because direct mail marketing is delivered directly to customers’ hands, you are virtually guaranteed that your customer will see and read your message.

4. The format is familiar.

Everyone is familiar with the postal service, so while customers may be skeptical about email blasts or other marketing programs, they are still more receptive to direct mail marketing because it’s familiar.

5. Multiple formats make direct mail marketing versatile.

From postcards and brochures, to magazines and catalogs, the many formats for direct mail marketing makes it suitable for almost any need.

6. The results of direct mail marketing can be measured.

There’s no need for complex analytics to track the success of a direct mail marketing program. You only have to count the number of coupons your customers have redeemed.

7. Direct mail marketing campaigns are easy to create.

While it’s best to have a professional help you with your direct mail marketing pieces, there are many web-based direct mail programs that allow you to design your own pieces, import mailing lists, and have the pieces printed and sent.

8. Direct mail marketing is cost effective.

Just as the creation of your direct mail marketing campaign is affordable, mailing each campaign is also economical.

9. Direct mail supports your other marketing programs.

You can support your brand with direct mail marketing and other marketing programs. Building a marketing campaign that includes traditional approaches and new technology reaches customers and prospects who are familiar with more established marketing methods.

10. Direct mail marketing has a proven track record.

Because direct mail marketing has been around for a long time, lots of data exists to prove its effectiveness. Direct mail marketing campaigns provide reliable returns with reasonable cost.

Direct mail marketing still occupies a well-deserved role in a comprehensive marketing campaign. The flexibility and affordability of direct mail marketing makes it an excellent option for any company that wants to create an effective marketing program.